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How to Operate the OtoScreen Unit

The OtoScreen unit has two buttons, a SCAN button and a BOOST button. While holding the unit firmly on the subjects ear with the cushion hole centered over the ear canal:
  1. Using your thumb, press the SCAN button and hold it. A green light comes on that indicates which tone will be presented. After one second a yellow light comes on indicating that the subject is now hearing the tone (See Figure 1 on the right). Remember you must continue holding the button for the tone to be presented. The one-second delay is to eliminate any finger noise from influencing the test. The subject should indicate hearing the tone by saying “yes” or lifting a hand or finger. Releasing the button stops the tone.

  2. The first tone presented is 1000 KHz. By repeating the steps above, 2000 KHz, 4000 KHz and 500 Hz are presented sequentially. If you release the SCAN button before the yellow light comes on, the unit just sequences to the next tone setting without presenting a tone to the subject. This is useful when you want to skip a tone, repeat a tone or present tones in a different sequence.

  3. If the subject indicates he/she can’t hear a tone, continue pressing the SCAN button but also press the BOOST button with your index finger to increase the sound intensity. The red 40 dB light comes on to indicate a boosted tone is being presented (See Figure 2 on the right). The subject should indicate hearing the louder tone by saying “yes” or lifting a hand or finger.

  4. With just a few minutes of practice, you will become an expert at using the OtoScreen device. It is simple to use!

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